OpenAnalytics is a technology consulting firm focused on providing solutions based on Modern Digital Technology, including Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Data Storage and Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

OpenAnalytics offers consulting services to businesses in the process of digital transformation, offering guidance in updating business models, products, services markets and processes that are transformed through the digital technologies. OpenAnalytics Digital Transformation division aids organizations in the following areas:

Building a Digital Transformation Strategy

Data and Analytic Governance Models

Analytics Capability Models

Advanced Analytics

Building an Analytics Center of Excellence

Robotic Process Automation

The aim of Robotic Process Automation is to improve the efficiency of businesses through automation, accuracy, visibility and scale. The OpenAnalytics team has extensive experience in all levels of business processes necessary for Energy trading. The OpenAnalytics team also has proven success in automating the Back Office Operations of Energy firms from invoice generation through the complete Settlement Life Cycle by applying the Robotic Process Automation technologies.

Machine Learning

The OpenAnalytics team of Data Scientists design, create and augment analytics models based on the latest Machine Learning algorithms and customized to suite each client’s specific requirements.

Data Visualization

OpenAnalytics helps firms in designing and implementing modern Business Intelligence platforms and developing interactive digital visualization functionality. We support and guide firms in utilizing Business Intelligence tools to develop data storytelling, client specific Key Performance Indicator frameworks and augmented data analytic tools. The combination of augmented data visualization and natural language generation creates an advanced Business Intelligence platform.

Modern Data Architecture

OpenAnalytics helps firms to harness massive amounts of data from multiple data sources to create new insights for decision making. OpenAnalytics customized solutions can make Big Data a new business opportunity for the industry. OpenAnalytics Data Architecture team is specialized in architecting Data Lakes and larger Data Warehouses meeting the customer specific business needs. The OpenAnalytics team provides technology resources to build major component of the Data Lake including Meta Data Management, Repository Management, Data Virtualization, Distributed Processes and setting Service Level Agreements. OpenAnalytics data architect team has expertise to setup a Data Lake on any major cloud based service provider.

OA Service Platform

OpenAnalytics provides cloud native Machine Learning based forecasting and optimization models on demand. These models are customized to serve Energy and Commodities clients and can be embedded into your analytic workflows.


Founded in 2019 by experienced Energy Sector technologists, OpenAnalytics is an advanced technology firm specializing in bringing global energy businesses into the Digital Age. With expertise across the energy and commodities industry, including upstream, midstream, trading and scheduling, OpenAnalytics brings a wealth of diverse talents and extensive experience to bear on the unique challenges of adapting and thriving in era of fast paced Digital Transformation. Our understanding of all aspects of Digital Transformation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, combined with our energy expertise, allows us to be uniquely positioned to assist clients in navigating Digital Transformation that adds value and enhances the capabilities of all aspects of the energy and commodities business.




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